Nails & Pedicure


Bring out your femininity and take care of your everyday allies…

A manicure is a beauty treatment of the hands. Your nails will be cut, filed, and shaped.


Spa manicure Nail Polish (45') € 25

Spa manicure Soft gel (45') €28

Serenity Special gel (60') € 30

Hard gel Spa (80') € 38

Spa hard gel with extensions (90') €48

* Only for nails removal €15

*French per nail €1,50

*Fix per nail after 7 days €5

Two in One Mani & Pedi Soft Gel (70') €55

Nails Therapy with essential oils

A special essential oil is used which penetrates the nail, healing the accidental injury or curing it of various painful diseases such as fungus.

Hands OR feet (15') € 19

Hands AND feet (30')€ 35

Take care of your feet

The Spa pedicure is the ideal solution for tired feet and soles. With the use of a rejuvenating exfoliating product dead cells are removed, leaving the feet feeling soft.

The pedicure begins with an aromatic foot bath enriched with essential oils (100% organic), followed by nail care, cleaning of the cuticles and soles.

The unique treatment is completed with a relaxing massage up to the knee for deep rest and relaxation. Among a variety of colours, choose the varnish that is ideal for you and suits your style and personality.


Pedicure with Nail Polish (30') €20

Spa pedicure with Nail Polish (45') €30

Pedicure with Soft Gel (30')€28

Spa pedicure with Soft Gel (45')€36

Serenity Signature pedicure (Serenity ceremony) (60') € 55

Each client has hers/his personal nail fail and buffer.

Buy your personal pedicure tools for €18


Two in One Mani & Pedi with Soft Gel (70') € 55

Serenity Signature Foot Therapy 40´/€55

A unique experience for you and your body. Feel like a kid again! Is a specialized treatment that enchants your feet. Ideal for cracked, hard, and damaged soles. This treatment gives noticeable and obvious results from the very first session, as it removes dead skin cells, offering deep hydration and nourishment.

It can be repeated after 3-4 weeks. Ideal for women and men.

It is prohibited for people with diabetes and pregnant women.

* It is prohibited for people with diabetes and pregnant women.

Foot therapy with manicure 50’ / €65

Foot therapy with soft gel 60’ / €68