Massages and Treatments

Specially designed to provide relief of strained muscles, eliminating the tension in the whole body. Strong massage moves are applied in all muscle groups performed with the fingers, fist or elbow.

A complete rejuvenation is the result as well as toning the body, relaxing with many more benefits such as relief from pain, reduces inflammation and stress and even with the body posture and sleep quality.

Ideal for athletes and people who tend to store tension in their muscles.

Relaxing head, face and neck massage. Gives relief to headaches, migraines, cervical syndrome, musculoskeletal pain in the area also improves the nervous system and fights insomnia.

Hot stone massage is a treatment with volcanic stones that offer immediate relief and a feeling of relaxation promoting better blood circulation of the muscles that targets imitate pain relief and over all well-being.

Full body massage with 100% Organic Essential Oils and aromatic plant extracts which continue to act on the body even after the treatment. A silky touch that combines essential oils and special relaxing movements. The very small molecules of essential oils reach the body directly and contribute to well-being and rejuvenation.

Aromatherapy is a holistic treatment for the body, soul, and spirit. Choosing the appropriate essential oils that the body needs at the given moment can contribute to the improvement of mental peace and physical pain. Choose the essential oil that suits you.

Our Special Thai Therapists with more than 15 years experience in some of the most luxurius spa in the world will give you an unforgettable experience in 55 minutes.

**very highly recommended**

Let’s feel we are in Thailand! The actual Thai Therapy for 80 minutes including feet spa massage in our relaxing area. The unique experience you must 100% try!

Feel an unforgettable experience with the use of the pure compresses directly from
Thailand. These compresses will absorb all your toxins and it will immediately soften your
body and soul.

The combination of Thai and Relaxing Massage as per your requested pressure

The amazing experience you have to feel!!

3 relaxing hours to our oasis at the heart of the city.

(cocoa body treatment, lifting facial techniques and full body massage)

This massage focus on the paraspinal muscles and the large muscle groups of the body to relieve the muscles from the pressure we exert on them in our everyday life. Through the massage it will seek to relieve and relax the muscles with the aim of immediate relief from any discomfort and pain.

The lymphatic massage or otherwise drainage activates the body’s lymph with the aim of removing toxins from the body through the urinary bladder. Stimulates microcirculation and contributes to the elimination of edema from the accumulation of fat.

Body exfoliation is a detoxifying treatment that removes dead skin cells, leaving a velvety texture. Necessary for the health of the body.

When we tried it was an experience to engage the senses and feel. But the next day it was magical.

The therapists will use wooden tools on the upper part of your back to detox you. It’s surprisingly nice. IT will scratch your skin lightly without pain and everything will vanish.

It’s really a magical treatment.

Did you know that pressing your hands can heal you mentally and physically? This has to be done properly though and you are at the right place.

The reflexology on the feet must be done correctly. Our Thai Therapists are highly trained and full of experience to give you the maximum benefits you can get from Reflexology.

Couples Massages

You and the sight, the smell, the taste, the hearing, the touch of your love. In a real sanctuary of the senses, an experience for two that deserves to be given to yourself and the one you love.

Couple Serenity Massage packages

Couple Serenity Deluxe with essential oils Massage (55') € 134

Couple Exclusive/Deep Sport Massage (55') € 146

Couple back & neck massage (30') €65

Couple Calming Head & Face massage (30') € 78

Romantic Package for Couples 3h / €288

Deep relaxation without worrying about the time! An unforgettable experience away from the shadows and the pressure of time. Leave yourself in the hands of the experts and leave mind, body, soul in a three-hour break.